Keon Coleman Is a Rising Star in The 2024 NFL Draft Class

June 05, 2024

Keon Coleman

The Buffalo Bills are thoroughly impressed by the hard work demonstrated by Keon Coleman this offseason.

The Florida State graduate has been making waves online since his draft, due to his charismatic persona, formidable game skills and relentless work ethic. 

When asked about Coleman, the Bills General Manager, Brandon Beane, had nothing but praise. He commended the rookie's potential and dedication since his arrival. The excitement about Coleman's future with the team was palpable. In a conversation with Jim Rome, Beane acknowledged that Coleman demonstrated 'game speed', which he deemed crucial.

The Buffalo Bills have pulled off a masterstroke in the 2024 NFL Draft by securing Keon Coleman. Between his work ethic and game speed, Coleman is set to make a significant impact in the coming season. 

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