Keon Coleman Receives Special Gift From NFL Legend

October 27, 2023

Athlete Studio

When wide receiver Keon Coleman joined the Florida State Seminoles from Michigan State, the program knew they had landed a playmaker. Little did they know that Coleman would exceed all expectations, emerging as a standout performer and a key contributor to the team's success.

In just seven games, Coleman has already made a significant impact, leading the Seminoles in catches, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns. With 31 catches, 472 receiving yards, and 7 touchdowns, Coleman has become an unstoppable force on the field.

Not only is Coleman dominating within the Seminoles' ranks, but he is also making waves in the ACC. Currently, he leads the conference in touchdown catches and ranks among the top eight wide receivers with multiple 100+ yard receiving performances. His exceptional skills have been on full display with a series of jaw-dropping catches, including a remarkable one-handed grab in the recent victory over Syracuse.

Coleman's star power is rapidly rising, thanks to his outstanding performances against powerhouse teams like LSU and Clemson. In those games, he recorded a total of 14 catches for 208 yards and five touchdowns. One of those touchdowns secured Florida State's first victory over Clemson in Death Valley since 2013, solidifying Coleman's place in Seminoles history.

The recognition for Coleman's exceptional talent does not stop there. Recently, Hall of Fame wide receiver and NFL legend Randy Moss gave a special shoutout to Coleman and his wide receivers coach, Ron Dugans, during his appearance on NFL Countdown.

As part of the 'You Got Mossed' segment, Dugans presented Coleman with a pair of gloves adorned with Moss's signature. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Coleman exclaimed, "Oh, he signed them joints! I can't put that on, hold on. Preciate you, man. I appreciate you. I appreciate you, looking forward to making some more catches."

Moss, in awe of Dugans' coaching skills, praised him on the show. The two share a special connection, as they were teammates in 1995 when Moss briefly played for Florida State before his college career at Marshall.

"The wide receiver coach that they have, Ron Dugans, came in with me [to FSU]," Moss said. "Great mind, great wide receiver coach, Dug keep doing your job."

With Coleman's exceptional talent and the guidance of Coach Dugans, Florida State's wide receiver corps is poised for greatness. As the season progresses, fans can eagerly anticipate more electrifying plays and record-breaking performances from this rising star.

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