Keon Coleman Snags Incredible One-Handed Catch

October 17, 2023

Athlete Studio

The Florida State Seminoles have been on an unstoppable streak, boasting an impressive 6-0 record after a remarkable victory over Syracuse. But it was one player who truly stole the show, Keon Coleman.

Right from the start, Coleman showcased his exceptional talent with a jaw-dropping one-handed catch, gaining an incredible 27 yards. This extraordinary play caught the attention of none other than legendary wide receiver Dez Bryant, who couldn't contain his excitement and took to social media to express his awe, simply tweeting, "OMG!!!"

This remarkable feat serves as a testament to the impact Coleman has had on the Florida State squad, earning him a growing following on social media week after week. While Bryant singled out this play, Coleman continued to amaze with a series of monumental plays throughout the game.

Later in the matchup, Coleman soared to new heights, securing a spectacular 58-yard touchdown pass that left Syracuse's defense in shambles. But his dominance didn't stop there. He also showcased his agility and speed with two electrifying returns, one of which covered an astonishing 72 yards, coming close to scoring a touchdown.

By the end of the game, Coleman's stat line was nothing short of extraordinary. He tallied an impressive 140 receiving yards, making nine receptions and adding a touchdown to his name. Furthermore, his prowess extended beyond offense, as he accumulated a staggering 107 punt-return yards on six returns.

Even without the presence of Johnny Wilson on the field, which would have diverted defensive attention away from Coleman, the young star still managed to shine brightly, accumulating mind-boggling numbers and showcasing his undeniable talent. With each passing game, Coleman's name reverberates throughout the nation, propelling him up the ranks of NFL mock drafts as a highly sought-after first-round pick.

With a total of seven touchdowns in just six games this season, Coleman's exceptional performances against powerhouses like LSU and Clemson have solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with. Week after week, he continues to dominate the college football scene, leaving fans and pundits in awe of his unmatched skills.

The rise of Keon Coleman is undeniable, and his impact on the Florida State Seminoles cannot be overstated. As the team marches on towards an undefeated season, all eyes remain fixated on the young superstar, eagerly awaiting his next standout catch.

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